Projo* for Beginners

You might be asking yourself what is Projo* and how it benefits you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are the very basics of Projo* instant power coffee.

How much caffeine is in each packet?

Each packet contains 113mg of caffeine from real Brazilian coffee.

Can I use Projo* in other drinks?

Yes, you can use Projo* in other drinks, such as smoothies, shakes, and protein drinks.

Can I mix Projo* with milk or a milk substitute?

Absolutely! You can mix Projo* coffee with your choice of milk or milk substitute for a creamy, delicious protein coffee treat.

Is Projo* good for muscle recovery?

Yes, Projo* can be helpful for muscle recovery. The protein in Projo* can help repair and rebuild muscle tissue that has been damaged during exercise.

Is Projo* good for weight loss?

Projo* can be a helpful addition to a weight loss plan. The protein in Projo* can help you feel fuller longer, which can help you eat fewer calories overall. Additionally, the caffeine in Projo* can boost your metabolism.

When should I drink Projo*?

Projo* can be enjoyed at any time of day, but it is especially beneficial to drink it in the morning to boost your energy levels or after a workout to help your muscles recover.

Is Projo* suitable for those following a keto or low-carb diet?

Yes, Projo* coffee is a great option for those following a keto or low-carb diet, as it contains zero sugar and is naturally sweetened.

Who is Projo* made for?

Projo* is made for anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to improve their energy levels, focus, muscle recovery, and overall health. It is especially beneficial for active people, on a weight loss plan, or have dietary restrictions.

Is Projo* safe for pregnant women?

It is always best to talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements, including Projo*, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do I store Projo* packets?

Store the packets in a cool, dry place to ensure they stay fresh and ready to use whenever you need a coffee pick-me-up.

What makes Projo* different than regular coffee?

Projo* is different from other protein powders in a few ways. First, it is made with 100% Brazilian coffee, certified mold free which gives it a rich and delicious flavor. Second, we use a slow-digesting protein called calcium caseinate that is lactose-free, gluten-free, and non-dairy. We use monk fruit for zero sugar sweetness to avoid a sugar crash, and we’ve added digestive enzymes for better nutrient absorption and reduced bloating. Finally, it is available in single-serve stick packs, which makes it easy to take on the go.