What We Stand For


The idea behind Projo* came from one simple thought in January 2019: Is it possible to blend a natural source of protein with high quality coffee to produce an incredibly tasty product that gives me the healthy energy I need?

The journey all started in my kitchen. Using my blender, I began mixing together different ingredients to see what worked best together. I noticed that the average coffee and energy drinks were providing absolutely no nutritional value. On the other end, mostly all protein enhanced drinks tasted artificial, were full of preservatives, and have a chalky aftertaste. My focus was to make an incredibly delicious and high quality coffee drink where you couldn't even notice that there was protein inside. With that in mind, I embarked on a two year trial and error journey to create the best, all natural protein coffee possible. I began taking samples to the gym for my peers taste. I would gather all of their feedback in order to continue improving the drink. After many months of trial and error, I did my first pop up table at my local gym and sold out in less than two hours. People LOVED my product! That is when Projo* was born. My mom has been helping me since the beginning and without her help, Projo* would not exist.


We exist to inspire individuals to do great things through our products, resources, and community.

Our bigger picture at Projo* is to elevate people’s mind, body, and spirit by providing them with the healthy energy and tools that they need to conquer their goals. We truly believe every single individual, including our team, customers, friends, family, and community members have the potential to achieve greatness. Our goal is to inspire people to be their best, and Projo* is here to support you on your journey.

Accept your strengths and weaknesses. Challenge your beliefs. Stay active and eat right. Show concern for others. Live a life greater than yourself. Create change. 

That’s Projo*.

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